Everyone has them, everyone knows them - Plastic Surfaces.

Plastic Surfaces are extremely common. Compared to traditional materials, they are not only lighter, but also more flexible, hardwearing and stable. There are however, some disadvantages involved, e.g. higher susceptibility to weather and UV light damage, low surface tensile strength, reduced cleaning possibilities, high cost involved in removal and new installation.

Certain types of damage are unavoidable, and are caused by vandalism, UV-Rays, limescale or saltwater, oil / grease, as well as unsuitable handling.


  • Vandalism - scratches, burn holes, graffiti
  • UV-Exposure - sunrays above 1,800 above sea-level
  • Limescale / Saltwater Damage - stains and erosion
  • Oil and Grease - destruction of the surface structure
  • Inappropriate Care - ice scraper, incorrect cleaning methods
  • Lack of Care - blunt, broken structure

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